Adhesive Lift Nipple Covers


★ INSTANT BREAST LIFT: The lift nipple covers with adhesive breast lift wing is a simple solution for a quick and effective breast lift,and make your boobs look perkier! The invisible lift nipple pasties diameter is approx. 4.3″for a more secure and larger coverage.It doesn’t matter what size cup you are, it is made to cover your nipple.Made strictly to conceal nipple ★SAFE GEL BREAST PASTIES: Adhesive silicone petals is made from premium medical grade Eco-friendly silicone gel,100% skin friendly and hypo allergenic,harmless to the body. This lift nipple pasties is soft, smooth and flexible,so you’ll barely feel anything against your skin while wearing these for hours on end ★REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: Silicone nipple covers are waterproof,and can be reuse multiple times by gently hand washing and let air dry. even through you washed them many times and they still work perfectly fine, will not lose their adhesive.Lift Silicone pasties works best when applied to clean, dry skin that is free of deodorants, perfumes, lotions, or powders. These lift nippleless cover can be applied after the product is adhered to the skin.



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